Lessons from the Desert

Over the last two weeks I’ve been invigilating exams (basically walking up and down the rows of learners writing exams to make sure they don’t cheat) so have had a lot of time to think. By the grace of God, I’ve managed to stick to my decision not to think about what our next step […]

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Smile while you wait

Today it has been three weeks since our negative pregnancy test. It actually feels like it’s been longer. I guess the busyness of the end of term made time seem to go by so much faster. This week we spoke to our doctor about our options moving forward. He told us what a part of […]

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Fertility Warrior Q&A

I’d like to thank Following my dreams….. Journey towards fertility for tagging me to complete this questionnaire to help raise awareness of infertility and childlessness. Thank you to Post IVF World for starting this series of posts. The idea is to answer these 10 questions about our own infertility experiences and then add an extra […]

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Hope beyond the one pink line

I couldn’t believe it – there was only one line on the pregnancy test. I’d taken the test as soon as I woke up on Thursday, so sure that I was going to see two lines. The optimist in me immediately started Googling the likelihood of having a negative pregnancy test but positive blood test. […]

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Successfully infused

Our embryo transfer is in just a few days and I have the stomach and hip bruises to prove it. Despite the discomfort from all the medication I’m on, I’m feeling so excited and yet also so at peace as well. Yesterday was intralipid infusion day and what an interesting day it was! In the […]

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